Snake Oil Salesman

Traveling laymen fresh from occupation
Occupy the living room
‘For a night or two’
Fourth party
Extra graces
Extractions of oil from the kitchen
Resort to brooding
The paper-thin walls
Divide us
Musical chair
My bedroom door
I’m out first round
The salesman
Bottled up and stickered with praise
I hope
Will aggravate these
Wheels of conversation
My attitude problem
Talk of the saintly feeding of the world
Says you
Throw the recycling in the dumpster
Yeah, I’ll separate that shit
‘What a wonderful town this is!’
The salesman
‘But the oil before I go!
Wouldn’t you like a lifetime supply of snake oil?
Cures all ails.’
On that bus
Shake these snake charms
I know that
I can tell them I don’t trust them
I know that
I can tell the fertile poison
Occupying my living room
‘We have learned nothing but to bottle displacement
We are on islands'
Bridges greasy for the burnin'
The salesman
‘Has hid a bite in this house for safe keeping!
And will be back somewhat soon to take residence!’

The Chaste Tree

Lucid dream
 When I was young they had no faces
 Smooth as nog
 Strain to convince
Me or you?
 To run from hurricane fire inside
The walls of that house
 Carry on austere reflection
We are crystallic
All their irises
Black maelstroms
Keep face
 Of course I have known what you are doing
Avoided that gaze
 There are more vital veins I am satisfied
But must I wake you to shake you?
Or is it I who
 Becomes the ascetic?


What would they say of me


Worse off than this


The sun's gone out

Taking tomorrow for myself

Unwilling to exist

Play part in this

Look me left and up

Here now

No less than prime

Soaked in paint

Dripping in what they say of me


Tired of waiting on

Pushing paper for honey

And maybe

The pavement will pull them under